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Oakham Research help Pre Metro Operations Ltd evaluate business views on new light rail proposal

Posted By on 28th November 2023

Pre Metro is working with Oakham Research to conduct further public consultation about the proposed Dasher service.

Previous surveys took place between November 2019 and May 2020, where 88% of the 1,438 responses showcased how locals in Stourbridge and Brierley Hill were in favour of a proposed light rail link between the two locations.

Since the previous research was conducted, the West Midland Metro extension between Wednesbury and Brierley Hill has begun construction, and the proposed service would connect Stourbridge with this development.

The aim of this latest round of questionnaires and field research is to engage with local businesses online and on the ground regarding their viewpoints on the Dasher.

They are hoping to gain a greater understanding of the impact that this proposed service could have on local businesses’ ability to recruit and retain suitable staff alongside the knock-on effect in terms of sales and prosperity with easier accessibility and passenger footfall.

As well as this, Pre Metro hopes to understand the potential ticketing packages that could be offered to local businesses to encourage regular commuter patronage.

Steve Jasper, Operations Director of Pre Metro, stated:

“We are confident that the passenger service from Stourbridge to Brierley Hill will benefit everyone along the route and beyond – businesses, commuters, shoppers and leisure travellers. The survey will provide further data to support our proposals.”

John Poole, Research Director at Oakham, added:

“This is a great opportunity for local businesses, large and small, to shape improvements to the local transport network and tell us about their thoughts on this initiative.”

The findings of this research will conclude and be made publicly available in early 2024.

Businesses within 1km of the following locations are being contacted for their views on the Stourbridge. These key areas are:

·      Stourbridge Town Centre

·      Stourbridge Junction

·      Vicarage Road

·      Brettell Lane

·      Moor Street

·      Canal Street

·      Brierley Hill High Street

·      Merry Hill Centre

·       The Waterfront

If you are based within these locations and your business hasn’t been contacted and you would like to get involved, feel free to email or for further information

You can take part in the survey at