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Web Surveys

What Are Web Surveys suitable for?

Web Surveys are suitable for any type of organisation who want to undertake research via the web using an existing list of email addresses. Alternatively Web Surveys can be hosted on your existing website for your web visitors to complete.

Potential applications for Web Surveys include:

  • Generate ideas – ask what your stakeholders, members or customers want
  • Employee surveys – understand what your employees think and what motivates them to develop rewards and encourage engagement
  • Funding applications – quantifying and supporting the case for investment
  • New products – evaluate potential up take with customers and/or prospects
  • PR – provide supporting facts for promoting your business
  • Customer satisfaction – measure how your customers rate your service and make service improvements

A web survey can provide answers to your questions in days to ensure you make sound business decisions and avoid costly mistakes. Web Surveys can be utilised by any size of organisation across any sector where cost effective, professional and actionable research is required. Web Surveys work wherever you have a database of contacts with email addresses.

Any organisation can undertake web surveys in-house using a variety of web based software. Some are free applications and others charge based upon the number of questions or the number of returned responses. An Oakham Research Web Survey includes the software, but in addition it provides the professional research knowledge required to ensure that the research is robust and meaningful.

About Oakham Engage

Engage is a standardised package which allows you to undertake a cost effective web survey with the confidence that the results will be quantifiable, meaningful and actionable. An Engage survey will be carried out using professional market research techniques and within the parameters of the Market Research Society Code of Conduct. Having an official and independent stamp of approval from Oakham Research will allow you to use the survey results, and where desired, publish the results with confidence.

For an all-inclusive price of £1,200 (including VAT) the package includes:

  • Consultancy to script your online survey questions
  • Setting up the survey using Oakham’s professional survey software
  • Full analysis and interpretative report
  • Presentation of the key findings

NB £1,200 includes the licensing cost of the web survey software.